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CV BOYS band at Mega Show 2012 - USA

  • Written by CV BOYS band

CV BOYS band will be performing live onstage for the second year at the Mega Show - USA where CV BOYS band will be backing up artists such as Mika Mendes, Nilton Ramalho, Sandro Correia and Gil Semedo Saturday, November 10th 2012 at Fête Music (Club ZOUK) Providence Rhode Islands, and Sunday, November 11th 2012 at Strand Theatre Boston, MA.

This day will be another milestone in the realization of another dream for the CV BOYS band's members. Being fan of Gil Semedo all their childhood CV BOYS band will be accomplishing what they have been dreaming all along of one day to share the stage with this Capeverdean mega artist or even better by backing up Gil Semedo.

CV BOYS band are working hard to make sure they fulfill the demand of all the artists that they will be backing on the mega Show 2012. CV BOYS band not only wants to give Mika Mendes, Nilton Ramalho, Sandro Correia and Gil Semedo Semedo a good impression but also leave a door open for more opportunities.

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