On Friday May 12th, CV-Boys Band will compete in the Emergenza Music Festival’s battle of the bands, the European and North American Live Festival for Up and coming Bands, to take place at the Paradise Lounge in Boston.

The band went through preliminary rounds in February (at the Middle East Club) and March, battling against several Rock & Roll bands before finally moving to this legendary rock club for the Regional Semifinals.

Founded in 1999, this Boston-based nine-piece band released “Un So Korasaun,” (November 2005) an album now available in record stores such as Best Buy, Circuit City, Sam Goody, Newbury Comics, Virgin Megastore etc…

Born fifteen years ago in Europe from a group of passionate musicians in need of expression, Emergenza has become one of the most prominent musical contests for up and coming bands as far as international dimensions and coordination are concerned. This festival has already organized over 5000 shows and attracted more than 4000 bands from around the world.